If you are interested in playing the guitar, understanding the theory, learning how to practice, and / or upgrading your playing to a master level, then join me in my Online GRP Guitar Lessons.

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Here's what you can expect to learn in this NEW Free Lessons

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll

    With this free lesson you will learn some of the ways how to play Rock and roll on the guitar using pentatonic’s and mixing the material for improvising (major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, chord tones, mixolydian scales and a blues scale) together.

  • Chords and Arpeggios

    With the second free lesson you will learn how to look on the guitar neck. You will be good player, when you play your guitar like playing piano. The most important thing for improvising is that you know how the chords are build and that you know where the tones are.

  • Purple Rain – rock sound

    In the third free lesson you will learn how important it is to know all the scales, all the chord tones and all tones on the guitar neck, especially if you want to improvise over the known song, no matter what music style it is.

  • There will never be another you – advanced Jazz

    Finally you will learn how to play melody with chords over the jazz standard There will never be another you. This is really advanced lesson but with working with me, you will be able to play even that kind of things.

Here's my presentation of a few different styles that you will learn through my members lessons!

Would you like to perform like I do in this presentations above?

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What some of my students have been saying about

Yes, I was a student of your course for one year.  I found the course to be very professional and motivating.  I appreciate the personal touch of you responding to all of my questions inside the course website whenever I had an inquiry.  I have been playing guitar for over thirty years and I always look for something new to learn.  Your method did improve my capability and gave me more confidence when I put on a few shows last year.  Unfortunately, I could not continue to more advanced lessons because of work commitments but hope to do so when I get some free time.  Thank you for making your professional knowledge available to us part time guitar players.

Terry Tamberg

What I wanted to do when I began taking lessons with you was to make better music with my guitar. Instead of listing the

invaluable practical understanding of the guitar/music your course has given me in less than a year what matters is that I can now find e.g. a jam track I've never heard before (not overcomplicated obviously) and play confidently over it all over the guitar neck. Trust me I could not dream of doing that last year.

Choosing to take your guitar course has got to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Brian McNeely

I play guitar for a long time, but since I m a student of GRP guitar lessons, my approach and thinking about music is absolutely different. This online school is a perfect approximation of real academy. The program has made a very comprehensive and every detail has described very clearly, so theoretical as practical. I would like to say, that this is opportunity for every guitar player around the world to see, how the studies at the academy of music goes on and this for very low price. I should say, that this is even more practical, because you could study from home, when you have time. I know Primoz for a long time, because we are both from Slovenia, but only now I recognized, that he is really one of the greatest masters of guitar playing in the world.

Pero Rizmal

I am enjoying and benefiting immensely from your course. It seems I have finally found a course to help me achieve my goal. This is my 5th week and my playing has improved. The basic warm-up exercises are of tremendous help, particularly with speed.

Percy Farrell

I’ve been playing for over 40 years. My style is Al DiMeola/George Benson/Santana. Your style is much more complicated. I’ve always dreamed of being able to play like you do. I think that because of you, I am on my way. You are a GREAT player. You should be world famous. You are one of the best I’ve ever seen or heard.

Joe D.