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​Why This Course is So Grea​t?

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    ​This seven days blues course is the best choice for anyone, who wants to learn how to play Blues, who wants to understand how to improvise and what to do to improve his/her guitar-playing skills!
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    ​If you want to improvise on guitar, this course is perfect to start with; because Blues is the base for any music style!
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    ​Here you have everything in one place, this course is well-organized and you can work step by step. This is the best way to learn how to start improvising and you do not need to waste your time searching for lessons all over Internet!
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    ​The lessons take you from the very beginning up until the moment, when your knowledge of the material and your improvisation skills (over blues) are perfect.
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    ​​This course is the perfect way to improve improvising skills for everyone; from Beginner to Intermediate!

7 Video ​Lessons that will ​help you ​to improve improvising ​skills

​​Lesson #1:

Improve your Technique and Synchronize your Left ​and Right Hand

Duration: ​9m 28s

​The first lesson is a lesson for improving your technique and for synchronizing your left and right hand. You can always use it, even in front of your TV or Computer!

​Lesson #2:

Improve your Tone Recognition on a Fretboard

Duration: ​​8m ​34s

​The second lesson will improve your Tone recognition on a Fretboard and you will be able to play the C major scale all over the neck. Please have the tones in mind, play slowly, and then increase the Tempo!

​Lesson #3:

How To Play The C Major / A Minor Pentatonic

Duration: ​​17m ​55s

​The third lesson will show you how to play the C major / A minor pentatonic all over the ​neck in five different ​ways. ​
This is the best way to master the pentatonic and learn how to move it into different Keys!

​Lesson #4:

How To Make A Blues Scale Out Of The Pentatonic Scale

Duration: ​​11m ​7s

​In the fourth lesson you will learn how to make a Blues scale out of the pentatonic scale and how to use it. You will be able to play the A blues scale all over the neck, so you will already have much more knowledge than half of all the guitar players​!

​Lesson #5:

Learn Everything about Mixolydian Scales

Duration: ​​14m ​14s

​In the fifth lesson you will learn everything about Mixolydian scales and how to use them in blues. The use of these scales will be a good foundation for later, when you will be improvising in soul, pop and jazz music!

​Lesson #6:

What Target Notes are and ​how to ​use ​them

Duration: ​​13m ​16s

​In the sixth lesson you will see and hear, what Target notes are and how to use them.
With these lessons you will get how improvisation works and learn what to do and how to think when you try to build your own solos!

​Lesson #7: 

How to be a Perfect and Satisfied Guitar Player

Duration: ​​22m ​13s

​In the seventh lesson you will apprehend, how to practice the material, that you acquired till now, how to use it, how to build your own solos and what to do to be a perfect and satisfied guitar player!

​BONUS Lesson

Duration: ​10m 29s

​C blues practical example
​​E blues practical example

About the ​Teacher

​The teacher Primoz Grasic is a world renowned jazz guitar player, who has a lot of experience in working with students and whose students graduated at different music schools all over the world. His unique techniques for teaching his students how to improvise are being used by a lot of musical instrument teachers in a range of different instruments.

He became a very popular guitar player after playing with a lot of big names in world of jazz, after recordings with NHO Pedersen and Martin Drew and guesting as Big Band guitarist. He is a unique guitar player, known for playing a lot of different styles.

​Here's ​ What You'll Get

​You'll get ​7 ​actionable video lessons that you can watch at your own pace.

​With every lesson you'll get ​PDF file, checklists and more to help ​learn blues even faster.

​You'll get immediate access to the first lesson ​so you can start ​right now!


Is This Course Right For You?

Who is this for

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    who wants to play guitar properly
  • check-circle-o
    w​ho wants to play blues and improvise
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    ​who wants to be a good and satisfied guitar player
  • check-circle-o
    ​​who wants to start learning how to play different styles
  • check-circle-o
    ​who wants how to turn his own ideas in practice

Who is this not for

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    ​who think that they know enough and do not need improvement
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    ​who like to search for lesson-fragment all over the internet
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    ​who have no interest playing their own original music

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