C pentatonic III

Lesson 3

C major / A minor pentatonic lesson III

Put your left hand in the seventh position, it means that the pointer is left above the 7th field from the head of the guitar and then play the tone c on the sixth string (the thickest) with the second finger (middle finger). Of course, before all this you have to look which tones belong to the C pentatonic. Play in the seventh position, as it is shown in the video, and pronounce the tones you play or their pitch. You can also play the pentatonic  cliche,which is in the short term faster, but in the long run, it shows that you play the same things the whole time and you get tired of playing. Place the fingers of the left hand as it is shown!

For the later use of the pentatonic it is necessary to separate two notes, C for the Major (6th string, VIII field, the second finger (middle finger) and A for the Minor (the fourth string, field VII, the first finger (pointer)!


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