Using chords – C maj 7

Lesson 2

​In this lesson you will see, how to improvise on Cmaj7 chord using a chord tones and C Ionian scale.
 Download the material and listen to me. Then make your own phrases and melody’s. It is very important that you use whole guitar neck and that you know the names of the tones you are playing!
 First play carefully and slow and then increase your tempo. If you play something good then try to repeat and remember, maybe this will be one of you phrases for improvising!


Downloads/Resources (Click to view or right click to download)

  • FrancisRoux says:

    Thank you for those fantastic lessons! This is exactly what I need!

  • FrancisRoux says:

    I had an observation while practicing this exercise and want to know if it is the right way to see it. While playing on two strings, I say the names of the notes and have to know their function because I want to see if the next note is a Major or minor third, seeing the distance with my eyes (number of frets between notes)

    • GRP Guitar Lessons says:

      Yes, of course this is the right way, when you see the distance, you should try to imagine the sound of the note, so that later on you can improvise by your ear.

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