Degree 09: JAZZ INTRO

6 Lessons Advanced

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Here in front of you there are jazz guitar lessons for advanced users. After one year I realized that a lot of you want to learn how to play jazz and how to improvise on different chords. So, here it is.
You will get all the lessons you need for understanding chords, scales and all the Material for improvising. You will see a lot of examples, how to analyze. standard, and what to play over chords and changes. Here you will get all the things for practicing and understanding what is in jazz all about. It takes some time to be really good jazz player, but if you work and practice then you can’t miss. You will see my system how to work on one jazz standard from beginning till the end and then you will do the same on jazz tunes. At the beginning it gets slower that’s why you need my help and later on if you have some questions, I am still here. You will find almost all the Answers on your questions in the lessons. There is a lot of material for downloading you will have it forever.

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The very important thing, actually the main thing at jazz and improvising is that you know all the notes on your guitar neck.

Using chords – C maj 7

How to improvise on Cmaj7 chord using a chord tones and C Ionian scale.

Using chords – G7 dominant

In this lesson in you can see and hear what I use on dominant chord.

Using chords – Practice #1

This is the first of three exercises and it starts with two chords.

Using chords – Practice #2

This is the second of three exercises and I added one chord to the previous two and this is dm7

Using chords – Practice #3

This is the last of three exercises and I added one chord to the previous three chords and this is Fmaj7

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